A Stephen King Adaptation, In 1922 Wilfred James, a small-time farmer plots to murder his wife with the help of his son Henry for financial gain and to keep their farm. This simple but proud farmer is sure he got away with it, after burying her deep in an old well, but something much darker than being found out comes from murder. Over the months Wilfred’s dead wife Arlette haunts him constantly and gives him extreme paranoia, Henry has gone rebellious and ran away with his pregnant girlfriend Shannon also. Through the winter Wilfred barely survives the cold and being left all alone with no wife, son or money crop he wonders why he did what he did.

Director: Zak Hilditch

Actors: Thomas Jane, Dylan Schmid, Molly Parker, Neal McDonough, Kaitlyn Bernard, Brian d’Arcy James

Year: 2017

Length:101 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong violence, Strong blood & gore


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