A Bronx Tale

As a young boy in the 1960’s Calogero “C” idolizes the local neighbourhood gangster Sonny LoSpecchio, even against his bus driving father Lorenzo who wantshim to grow up and get a respectable job away from the hoods. Calogero witnesses Sonny shoot a man and when questioned by police he gets Sonny off the hook, this begins the friendship between C and Sonny. Over the following years Sonny takes C under his wing and shows him the ropes of the gangster life though Lorenzo is trying to keep his son away from Sonny before something terrible happens. When Calogero falls in love with an African-American girl he try’s to keep it a secret but his racist friends cause big trouble for him, Calogero learns that even though he lives in the Bronx he is a free spirit and should follow his heart and not everyone around him.

Director: Robert De Niro

Actors: Lillo Brancato Jr, Robert De Niro, Chazz Palminteri, Francis Capra, Katherine Narducci, Taral Hicks

Year: 1993

Length: 120 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Medium level coarse language, Medium level violence


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