A Silent Voice

As a boy in 6th grade Shoya was a bully and when new girl Shoko Nishimiya who is deaf arrives at school she becomes the target for Shoya. After extreme bullying Shoko is forced to leave the school and Shoya’s friends and classmates ostracize him for how horrible he was. 5 years later Shoya is a loner, no friends and suffers with depression and anxiety from his behavior, he has even been suicidal. It soon becomes Shoya’s mission to find Shoko and seek redemption, learning sign language and trying to be her friend and make up for all the wrong he has done, but his past actions have had consequences on Shoko’s life too.

Director:Naoko Yamada

Actors: Robbie Daymond, Lexi Cowden, Kristen Sullivan, Graham Halstead, Kira Buckland, Melissa Hope

Year: 2016

Length:130 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Mature themes


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