All of Me

Roger Cobb is a small time lawyer who lands a case involving a dying millionaire and her estate. Edwina Cutwater is the owner and she has decided to transfer her soul into the body of a younger girl just as she dies, but by accident her soul ends up in Roger’s body and now he has two people sharing the one body. At first they hate each other and find it very difficult to control their body but over time they get used to the idea of sharing, but still Roger and Edwina are planning to transfer her soul into Terry,the young girl who swindled Edwina out of her estate and her future.

Director: Carl Reiner

Actors: Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant, Madolyn Smith, Richard Libertini, Jason Bernard, Dana Elcar

Year: 1984

Length:93 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Sexual references


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