Almost Famous

In the early 1970’s high-school boy William Miller is given the chance to go on tour withthe new up and coming rock band Stillwater, William is hired by RollingStones magazine to write about and interview the band. We follow William’s story as he grows up while on the road, learning about life, love, music and the hardships of being away from home.William develops a close relationship with Penny Lane, a fan of the band who is also traveling with them. William is loving his new job but he is left wondering if he is really liked by the band members or weather they just want him there to write a good story to boost their fame.

Director: Cameron Crowe

Actors: Patrick Fugit, Billy Crudup, Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand, Jason Lee, Zooey Deschanel, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Year: 2000

Length: 122 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Moderate drug use, Moderate coarse language


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