Analyze That

While Paul Vitti is serving his prison sentence he seems to have gone a little nuts, singing out loud and becoming like a catatonic patient for no reason. Paul is released into Ben the Psychiatrists care once again until he recovers, though it turns out Paul was just faking to get out of prison. Now Ben is left to look after Paul in his own house and with the added stress of his fathers recent death, Ben is also in need of some therapy. Once again Paul has another big plan for a heist but Ben must keep Paul on the clean path or they could both end up in the can, but maybe this time round Paul could also help Ben with his inner emotions and feelings.

Director: Harold Ramis

Actors: Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Joe Viterelli, Cathy Moriarty, Anthony LaPaglia, Frank Gio

Year: 2002

Length:96 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Medium level coarse language, Sexual references, Medium level violence


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