The Conjuring Universe, John and Mia Form have a seemingly perfect life, they are happy, John is a doctor and Mia is pregnant. Everything changes when John brings home a gift for Mia, a rare vintage doll in a white dress. Mia adds the doll to her collection in the new baby nursery and it isn’t long before strange thing start happening. One night John and Mia are set upon by members of a satanic cult who violently attack them almost causing Mia to loose her baby. The couple relocate but the doll follows them and begins wreaking havoc, possessed by a demon the doll is trying to inhabit Mia by forcing her to give up her soul, but why would she ever do that and for what reason

Director: John R. Leonetti

Actors: Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Woodard, Tony Amendola, Kerry O’Malley, Brian Howe, Eric Ladin

Year: 2014

Length:98 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong horror themes & Violence


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