Basic Instinct

San Francisco Homicide Detective Nick Curran has a new case, a dead retired rock star stabbed to death with an ice pick in bed while tied up by a mysterious blonde. The prime suspect is the girlfriend, crime novelist Catherine Tramell, whose novel mirrors the crime exactly. Catherine is uncooperative and taunts the police, however Nick becomes slowly infatuated with her, he trails her around town and digs deeper into the case that he should be. Nick and Catherine begin a secret sort-of relationship, but when Nick’s past comes into play for Catherine’s next book his life begins to unravel. Soon Nick discovers more and more ugly details about Catherine’s past and her ties to people he knows, it’s all coming to a head when the new book reaches its gruesome ending.

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Actors: Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Dorothy Malone, Denis Arndt, Leilani Sarelle

Year: 1992

Length: 128 Minutes

Classification: R18+ High impact sex scenes & Violence


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