Bedtime Story

Freddy Benson and Lawrence Jamieson are two con-men, though both work in very different ways. Lawrence is British and lives on the French Riviera, earning most of his money on unsuspecting wealthy women posing as a prince, while Freddy is an American small-time operator in the US Armywho also preys on unsuspecting women but on a much smaller scale and takes more risks. Through an uneasy alliance Freddy and Lawrence decide tocompete against each otherwith ayoung Americancalled Janet Walker, the idea is to prove which is the best con-man by whoever can swindle Miss Walker out of $25,000 first.

Director: Ralph Levy

Actors: Marlon Brando, David Niven, Shirley Jones, Dody Goodman, Aram Stephan, Parley Baer, Marie Windsor

Year: 1964

Length:99 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Adult themes


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