Blue Valentine

The back and fourth flashbacks of a couples relationship from the time they meet to the time they feel the need to separate. Dean and Cindy fell in love young and both come from broken homes, Dean is a painter and Cindy is a nurse in a medical clinic. Cindy has a child that is not Dean’s called Frankie, though Dean is determined to hold the family together and not to end up like his parents. Over the years they grow apart and the dream of having a happy family is slipping away so maybe it’s out of Dean’s control or maybe he should have just tried harder to be their for Cindy when she needed him.

Director: Derek Cianfrance

Actors: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Faith Wladyka, John Doman, Mike Vogel, Marshall Johnson, Jen Jones

Year: 2010

Length:112 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong sex scenes, Themes & Coarse language


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