Body Double

Struggling actor Jake Scully has just lost his longtime girlfriend and has nowhere to live, he is approached by Sam Bouchard, another actor at an audition who offers him a place to stay. Sam is house-sitting for a very rich friend and he lets Jake take over and stay in the ultra-modern home in the Hollywood Hills. While there, Jake spies on a beautiful woman across the way through a telescope, he becomes infatuated with the woman and even begins following her when he worries that she is being followed. This leads to a grisly murder where Jake is left wondering what is going on, he is led down a rabbit hole of conspiracy into the grimy pornography industry where he discovers a girl called Holly Body who could have some of the answers.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: Craig Wasson, Gregg Henry, Melanie Griffith, Deborah Shelton, Guy Boyd, Dennis Franz, David Haskell

Year: 1984

Length: 114 Minutes

Classification: R18+ Sexual themes & Violence


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