Cars 3

A Pixar Animation, A few years have past and Lightning McQueen is getting older and the new racers led by Jackson Storm are taking over the race scene. Coming to terms with the fact that he is past his years of greatness Lightning gets back in the game with the help of trainer Cruz Ramirez, a technician trainer who always wanted to be a racer. Realising he is becoming the old car like his mentor Doc Hudson, Lightning trains harder than ever to give itall he can for one final race in Florida to see if he’s still got it. Without realising though Cruz is an un and coming opportunity for Lightning to become the inspiration for, just as Doc was for him.

Director: Brian Fee

Actors: Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Larry the Cable Guy, Armie Hammer, Bonnie Hunt

Year: 2017

Length:102 Minutes

Classification: G8+ Very mild themes & Coarse language


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