Charlie and Boots

After the death of Gracie (Boot’s mother and Charlie’s wife) Boots decides to take his father on a long needed road trip to the tip of Australia to go fishing. Along the way Charlie and Boots revisit their old selves and begin to remember the good times they had when they were younger, traveling through the amazing outback countryside many obstacles and unforseen events come their way including an aspiring country singer named Jess who alsohelps to lift their spirits. Charlie and Boots eventually reach the top of Australia and fully recover their friendship from long ago as well as realise life doesn’t have to be so bad after the death of a close loved one.

Director: Dean Murphy

Actors: Paul Hogan, Shane Jacobson, Roy Billing, Morgan Griffin, Anne Phelan, Deborah Kennedy, Reg Evans

Year: 2009

Length: 101 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Coarse Language


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