Cheaper by the Dozen 2

While on vacation at Tom’s childhood lake house the family of 14 start a competition with the rich family across the lake, the Murtaugh’s. Tom and Jimmy Murtaugh never got along because of the running competitions but now both with families of their own its a different ball game. Tom is trying to get his kids to enjoy the outdoors and a rough terrain experience while most of them are hanging out with the Murtaugh’s and their fancy toys. In the end Tom and Jimmy will go overboard and become more like children than their own kids.

Director: Adam Shankman

Actors: Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, Eugene Levy, Piper Perabo, Tom Welling, Hilary Duff, Kevin Schmidt

Year: 2005

Length:93 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Infrequent mild coarse language


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