Coming to America

African Prince Akeem is due to marry a girl he does not love, as arranged marriages are common amongst royalty. Akeem decides to travel to New York City in America as a way of meeting a girl who will fall in love with him without knowing he is rich, so he goes to Queens and rents a small dumpy apartment with his servant Semmi. Akeem and Semmi are hired to wash floors and toilets at a local fast food restaurant owned by Cleo McDowell, Akeem soon takes an interest in McDowell’s daughter Lisa who also work there, though Lisaalready has a rich boyfriend. Akeem and Lisa become friends but will she love him just the way he is Cleo does not approve of Akeem but if Lisa loves him she will discover that she will be marrying a prince.

Director: John Landis

Actors: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, John Amos, Shari Headley, Madge Sinclair, Paul Bates

Year: 1988

Length:117 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Moderate coarse language


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