Cool Runnings

The true story of the Jamaican bobsled team in the 88 Calgary Winter Olympics. Unable to compete as a sprinter for the 100 metre sprint due to a stupid accident Derice Bannock is still determined to get to the Olympics, when Derice hears that an old bobsledding legend called Irving Blitzer lives in Jamaica he naively decides to start a team hoping that Irv will be their coach. Irv was a disgrace years earlier when he cheated by putting extra weights in his sled only to have the gold medal taken from him. Derice, Sanka, Junior and Yul head to Calgary with Irv only to be the underdogs of a sport that Jamaica was not known for, but that was their advantage.

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Actors: John Candy, Doug E. Doug, Leon Robinson, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba, Raymond J. Barry

Year: 1993

Length:98 Minutes

Classification: G8+ General


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