Recounting the events leading up to his death by electrocution in prison, Victor Ajax was once a promising young technician employed by Trend-Odegard Security. Co-owner Mr Trend is murdered after being set up by his business partner by a pair of exterminators, the exterminators then turn their attention to Mrs Trend as she saw the murder take place. Victor gets mixed up in the plot and now the exterminators are after him, unfortunately he has just met the girl of his dreams, Nancy who he loves and wants to be a hero in front of, only he is a complete nerd and klutz. As the flashbacks occur moments before Victors untimely death on the electric chair he tries to convince the officers of his innocence surrounding the exterminators murders.

Director: Sam Raimi

Actors: Reed Birney, Paul L. Smith, Brion James, Louise Lasser, Bruce Campbell, Sheree J. Wilson, Edward R. Pressman

Year: 1985

Length: 86 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Coarse language & Violence


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