Dark Star

In the future a small manned ship ‘Dark Star’ has been traveling through space for many decades, a scout ship that searches for and destroys unstable planets which might threaten future colonization. Lieutenant Doolittle is in charge since Commander Powell was killed by a malfunction, Pinback, Boiler and Talby also reside on the ship along with a strange little alien that continues to elude Pinback. The bomb system is also beginning to malfunction which is causing the bombs to become unstable, Doolittle must reason with bomb #20 in hopes that it wont destroy the ship and crew by accident.

Director: John Carpenter

Actors: Brian Narelle, Dan O’Bannon, Cal Kuniholm, Andreijah Pahich, Joe Saunders, Barbara Knapp, Miles Watkins

Year: 1974

Length: 83 Minutes

Classification: G+ General


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