Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

In this Back and White film noir parody a detective named Rigby Reardon is hired by the beautiful Juliet Forrest to investigate the death of her father who died in a car accident in the mountains. Juliet’s father was a prominent cheese scientist creating a top secret recipe, and Rigby is trying to figure out what it has to do with his death. When Rigby stumbles onto a list titled “The Friends and Enemies of Carlotta” he is faced with many crossed out names of recently deceased people. Through the chaos and mess we see this unusual story unfold through various scenes cut from already famous and old films into one to create a new story intercut with our lead characters of Rigby and Juliet.

Director: Carl Reiner

Actors: Steve Martin, Rachel Ward, Alan Ladd, Carl Reiner, Barbara Stanwyck, Ray Milland, Ava Gardner

Year: 1982

Length:88 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Sexual references, Low level violence


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