Dressed to Kill

Kate Miller is a sexually frustrated housewife who has had no attention from anybody in a long time. After her therapy session with psychiatrist Dr. Robert Elliot, Kate notices a mysterious man while at an art gallery who lures her into his taxi and the two spend the night together. When leaving his apartment building Kate is attacked and killed in the elevator by a mysterious blonde woman with a straight razor. The only witness of what happened was Liz Blake, a high-class call girl in the building. Now Liz feels she is being stalked by the blonde, so she teams up with Kate’s son Peter who is looking for revenge on the murderer. However when the truth comes out about who and why this is all going on, Liz and Peter may not be equipped to solve the case.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon, Dennis Franz, David Margulies, Susanna Clemm

Year: 1980

Length: 105 Minutes

Classification: R18+ Sexual themes & Violence


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