A Dry White Season

South African school teacher Ben du Toit finds himself wrapped up in the social injustice of his country after his black gardeners son is beaten by the policeduring a demonstration. Eventually his son is murdered and then the father also, Ben seeks the help of renowned lawyer McKenzie to help the case but the courts ignore the evidence and change the laws once again. Ben works with his black friend Stanley to gather affidavits from other victims of unjust police violence but they are constantly beaten down by the system and now Ben’s wife Susan is leaving him for his obsession with the case. Ben and Stanley continue trying to bring down the exploitation and injustice in South Africa, but to what end

Director: Euzhan Palcy

Actors: Donald Sutherland, Zakes Mokae, Jrgen Prochnow, Marlon Brando, Susan Sarandon, Janet Suzman

Year: 1989

Length:97 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Violence, Occasional coarse language


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