Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks have just bought an apartment in Brooklyn for a great price and they soon found out that it is a Duplex. All starts off fine until Alex and Nancy meet the old lady upstairs Mrs. Connelly, Assuming she is old and sick they think they can live with her for a while. Mrs. Connelly however is very much alive and well and is also getting on Alex’s nerves. Before they know it Mrs. Connelly has Alex and Nancy doing jobs for her, fixing broken taps and putting up with a Brass emsemble up stairs. It’s time to call in a hitman for a crazy finnish to the story.

Director: Danny DeVito

Actors: Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore, Eileen Essell, Harvey Fierstein, Robert Wisdom, Justin Theroux

Year: 2003

Length: 89 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Low level violence & Sexual references


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