Exodus: Gods and Kings

Based on the biblical epic story of Exodus, Moses and Rhamses grew up together as Egyptian princes, Moses was adopted and Rhamses in line for the throne. After Rhamses discovers Moses is actually a Hebrew Moses flees Egypt and marries into a family far away from his home. Years later God appears to Moses and asks him to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt, Moses doesn’t believe he canfree 600,000 slaves so God shows his power to Rhamses by unleashing deadly plagues on Egypt that have dire consequences for Rhamses and the Egyptians. In an epic chase to the red sea the waves are brought back so the Hebrews can cross but the Egyptians are right behind, but God isnot done with them yet.

Director: Ridley Scott

Actors: Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, John Turturro, Aaron Paul, Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver, Mara Valverde

Year: 2014

Length: 150 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Mature themes & Violence


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