Follows the lives of three young men, Jon Rubin, Paul Shaw and Lloyd Clay who are trying to avoid being drafted to the Vietnam war, among other things. Jon is a peeping tom and aspiring filmmaker who is developing a new genre called ‘Peep Art’ where he films people unknowingly doing private things through their windows. Paul is a shy love-seeker who goes on numerous computer dates that all turn out rather bizarre. Lloyd is a conspiracy nut, especially surrounding the JFK assassination and is working to prove it was all misleading to the public, however he is putting himself in a very dangerous situation.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: Robert De Niro, Jonathan Warden, Gerrit Graham, Richard Hamilton, Megan McCormick, Bettina Kugel

Year: 1968

Length: 88 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Sexual references


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