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Denis Byrd is a creative young man from a dysfunctional home, his father is always out cheating on his mother while she stays home making big scenes about everything, his older brother James is the favorite and he leads a small group on masculinity. Inspired by his film teacher known as ‘The Maestro’ Denis decides to take his advice and film his life so he can finally become the hero of his own story. Denis is also falling in love with Jame’s girlfriend Kristina, a former harlot trying to change her ways for James. Denis’s film consists of spy footage of his oddball family and their everyday struggles and triumphs to better understand his place in the world.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon, Kirk Douglas, Gerrit Graham, Vincent Gardenia, Mary Davenport, Theresa Saldana

Year: 1979

Length: 90 Minutes

Classification: PG+ Adult themes


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