In 1892, after many years of fighting and killing the Cheyenne, the Apache and the Comanche natives, Legendary army Captain Joseph Blocker faces his toughest mission yet. Assigned with the task of escorting Cheyenne chief Yellow Hawk and his family through dangerous territory to freedom which Joseph is fully against at first because of their bloodthirsty past. Accompanied by the recently widowed settler Rosalie Quaid, Joseph and his band of soldiers face aggressive packs of Comanche’s still on the warpath, with hostiles crawling everywhere the Captain faces his duty for the final time before his retirement.

Director: Scott Cooper

Actors: Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Wes Studi, Jesse Plemons, Adam Beach, Rory Cochrane, Peter Mullan

Year: 2017

Length: 133 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong violence


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