I, Robot

The year is 2035 and robots are common assistants and workers for their human owners. Detective DelSpooner from the Chicago Police Department is investigatingthe murder of Dr. Alfred Lanning, who works at U.S. Robotics, in which a robot, Sonny , appears to be implicated, even though that would mean the robot had violated the Three Laws of Robotics, which is apparently impossible. Now that a robot has broken the law what is to stop the rest of them from following the same and destroying the world, as humans have grown to become completely dependent upon their robots.

Director: Alex Proyas

Actors: Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Alan Tudyk, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, Shia LaBeouf

Year: 2004

Length: 101 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Science fiction violence & Infrequent coarse language


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