Lost Highway

LA saxophonist Fred Madison and his wife Renee live a quiet but mysterious life, when strange video tapes appear on their doorstep things change drastically. Each day a video arrives, at first the footage is outside the house, then inside while they sleep. Fred goes over the edge and apparently commits a crime that ends him up in prison. At the same time car mechanic Pete appears in Fred’s cell, he is released and goes back to his life with amnesia of what happened. Pete gets involved with a gangsters girlfriend, Alice, who appears similar to Renee. The gangster Mr Eddy is suspicious and causes Pete and Alice to go on the run, do these two separate tales connect somewhere, is it a dream, madness or something else.

Director: David Lynch

Actors: Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Balthazar Getty, Robert Blake, Robert Loggia, Natasha Gregson Wagner

Year: 1997

Length: 134 Minutes

Classification: R18+ High level violence, High level sex scenes


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