Man on the Moon

Based on the true story of the life and career of the legendary comedian Andy Kaufman. Andy always had a wacky personality and it showed in his unusual work, he seemed never to fit into a specific comedy genre but had his own unique style of making people laugh. At many times throughout his career he would make the audience believe what he was doing was realeven if it gave him a bad name such as being sexist towards women and creating an abusive obnoxious alter ego. Andy was unique and differentand in the end he became famousas he always wanted to be, so when he announced that he had cancer his family and friends didn’t believe him even though they would all soon discover the truth.

Director: Milo Forman

Actors: Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, Paul Giamatti, Gerry Becker, Leslie Lyles, George Shapiro

Year: 1999

Length:119 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Adult themes, Low level coarse language


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