The Man with One Red Shoe

After Cooper, the deputy director of the CIA makes a major stuff up, he tries to make it appear as though director Ross is corrupt so he will be removed. When Ross discovers this he sends Cooper on a wild goose chase after a man at the airport who has been feeding him falseinformation, the unlucky random person chosen is the man with one red shoe, Richard. Richard is a professional violinist who plays for a big orchestra with his friends Morris and Paula, now his simple life is turned upside down by the CIA who believe Richard to be a top-class spy with secret records on Cooper that could put him away. Of course none of this is true so Richard has no idea what is happening when he meets and falls in love with CIA agent Maddy.

Director: Stan Dragoti

Actors: Tom Hanks, Dabney Coleman, Lori Singer, Charles Durning, Carrie Fisher, Jim Belushi, Edward Herrmann

Year: 1985

Length:92 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Low level coarse language, Low level violence, Sexual references


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