In the gigantic futuristic multi-layered city of Metropolis where humans and robots coincide an enormous building called the Ziggurat has just finished being built and an all week celebration commences. Young Kenichi arrives in Metropolis with his uncle Shinsaku Ban, an investigator who has come to find mad scientist Dr Laughton, wanted for organ trafficking. Laughton has just completed a new advanced robot called Tima for Ziggurat founder Duke Red who plans on using her for world domination. Tima gets away and makes a friend out of Kenichi but the two are on the run from Duke Red’s adopted son Rock who wants the Duke all to himself and will stop at nothing to destroy Tima.


Actors:Brianne Siddall, Rebecca Forstadt, Tony Pope, Jamieson Price, Michael Reisz, Dave Mallow, Scott Weinger

Year: 2001

Length:108 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Medium level violence, Adult themes


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