In the 1940’s, German war pacifist Robert Crain is living in India when he is approached by Colonel Statter and blackmailed to pose as an SS officer aboard a cargo ship leaving Japan. The ship contains a large supply of rubber for tyres, Crain’s mission is to disable the scuttling charges hidden over the ship so the captain cannot sink the ship if stopped by English warships. This mission is made difficult when Crain is being watched closely by Captain Mueller who is suspicious of him, but Crain is given a time and destination as to when the warships will arrive to take the rubber and he better have completed the mission by that point.

Director: Bernhard Wicki

Actors: Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Janet Margolin, Trevor Howard, Martin Benrath, Hans Christian Blech, Wally Cox

Year: 1965

Length:123 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Mild violence, Mild sexual references


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