My Neighbor Totoro

A Studio Ghibli Animation, Two young girls, Satsuki and Mei move to the country with their father while their mother is recovering from a sickness in hospital. A huge mountain forest lies next to their house and it is filled with mysterious forest spirits called Totoro’s. Satsuki and Mei befriend a massive Totoro and together that have adventures over the summer, growing plants, discovering new places and flying through the night air. It seems the Totoro is their to help in difficult circumstances but can he help or save the girls sick mother before her times runs out

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Actors: Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Tim Daly, Lea Salonga, Frank Welker, Paul Butcher, Pat Carroll, Kath Soucie

Year: 1988

Length: 86 Minutes

Classification: G+ General


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