One Hour Photo

Sy Parrish is a middle aged photo tech working at a one hour photo lab in a SavMart shopping mall. Over the years Sy has developed a fascination with one particular family and their photos, the Yorkin’s are an average family with a young boy called Jakob who Sy feels could be his nephew ashe has known him so long. The fascination turns into an addiction when we see Sy’s house, covered with images of the family from over the years as if they were his own. After an incident that see’s him fired from work Sy takes it to the next level digging up dirt on the family man Will Yorkin and threatening his boss’s daughter, the police become involved and everything spins out of control very fast. Sy’s actions demonstrate his true mental state.

Director: Mark Romanek

Actors: Robin Williams, Michael Vartan, Connie Nielson, Dylan Smith, Gary Cole, Erin Daniels, Clark Gregg

Year: 2002

Length:96 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Adult themes, Low level violence, Low level coarse language


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