Paper Man

Washed-up writer Richard Dunne and his wife Claire move to a small town in Long Island, Richard is distant and going through a sort of mid-life-crisis, he also has an imaginary friend called Captain Excellent who guides him through life. Through unforeseeable events Richard makes an unlikely friend in local girl Abby who seems to bring life and meaning back to him, and even though their friendship is totally innocent Richard is keeping it a secret from his wife. Abby also sees Richard as a great friend which goes to show you don’t have to be of the same age or background as someone else to be understood and loved.

Director: Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney

Actors: Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Lisa Kudrow, Kieran Culkin, Hunter Parrish, Arabella Field

Year: 2009

Length:110 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Mature themes, Coarse language & Sex scene


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