A new machine known as the D.C. Mini has been stolen from a psychiatric research facility, it was created to help therapists by viewing and entering the dreams of their patients. Three scientists at the foundation, Chiba, Kosaku and Torataro are desperately searching for the culprit who stole the machine as it is now wreaking havoc causing dreams and reality to clash. Chiba’s alter-ego Paprika and her patient Detective Toshimi are also working hard to solve it while Toshimi is struggling to deal with issues in his past effecting his dreams and state of mind.

Director: Satoshi Kon

Actors: Cindy Robinson, Yuri Lowenthal, David Lodge, Michael Forest, Paul St. Peter, Doug Erholtz, Hideyuki Tanaka

Year: 2006

Length: 90 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Moderate animated violence, Moderate themes


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