Penguin Highway

Very smart and scientific-minded fourth grader Aoyama investigates a new discovery in his small village one day when out of nowhere penguins show up in the middle of a field. Working with his school friends Uchida and Hamamoto to discover the cause of these penguins, Aoyama links them to the young dental assistant lady he has become infatuated with recently, but what is it all for. Soon Aoyama and his friends discover a large bubble of water beyond the forest that he believes could also be linked to the penguins, its just a matter of putting all the clues together.

Director:Hiroyasu Ishida

Actors: Gideon Modisett, Erika Harlacher, Landen Beattie, Miki Fukui, Anne Yatco, Keith Silverstein, Cindy Robinson

Year: 2018

Length: 118 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Mild fantasy themes & Animated violence


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