Phantom of the Paradise

The legendary acclaimed record producer, Swan, is looking for a new act to open his new theater The Paradise. Winslow Leach is a singer-songwriter with an entire cantata about Faust that he has spent years on, when Swan hears a sample he tricks Winslow into giving him the music that he will then use and twist into his own without the input of Winslow. When Winslow discovers the plot he is arrested and forced to let Swan steal his life’s work. After a breakout where Winslow is deformed in an accident he returns the the Paradise in a new costume where he will wreak havoc on Swan and the musicians who work there. However Winslow is drawn to the voice of singer, Phoenix, and he is only comfortable with her singing his songs, so he and Swan come to an arrangement that will entwine both their souls until death.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: William Finley, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham, George Memmoli, Archie Hahn, Jeffrey Comanor

Year: 1974

Length: 91 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Drug use


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