Prizzi’s Honor

Charley Partanna works for the Prizzi’s as a hit-man, the Prizzi’s are one of the richest crime syndicate families in America. At a wedding Charley briefly meets Irene Walker, a girl he seems very interested in but unbeknownst to Charley the Prizzi’s have hired Irene as a free-lance hit-woman to kill a double-crosser. Soon Irene and Charley fall in love and plan to be married which makes their working lives very complicated especially because Irene is keeping secrets from Charley. The Prizzi’s give Charley and Irene separate contracts which become impossible to go though with when they discover the truth behind them.

Director: John Huston

Actors: Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner, Anjelica Huston, Robert Loggia, John Randolph, William Hickey

Year: 1985

Length: 130 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Medium level coarse language, Low level violence


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