Stand-up comedian Steven Gold is at home on stage but he has dropped out of medical school and is flat broke, he works with a few regulars at a New York comedy club called The Gas Station. Lilah Krytsick is a bored housewife who dreams of becoming a popular stand-up comedian but she is not very good. Steven decides to help Lilah with the comedy and the two develop a friendship, but Lilah’s husband John does not believe she should be anything but a housewife. When a TV station organizes a comedy evening at the club Steven realises his opportunity for fame and wealth, Lilah is out of her depth but both make it into the show and it becomes every man and woman for themselves for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Director: David Seltzer

Actors: Sally Field, Tom Hanks, John Goodman, Mark Rydell, Kim Greist, Paul Mazursky, Taylor Negron

Year: 1988

Length: 122 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Occasional coarse language


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