Red Sparrow

After a serious injury, Russian Ballerina Dominika Egorova gives dancing away but is recruited by her uncle Vanya to ‘Sparrow School’, a Russian intelligence service. At the school Dominika learns the techniques and skills behind learning peoples wants and needs and becoming that for them, she is forced to use her body as a weapon and do whatever she must to gain trust and complete tasks. Dominika must target C.I.A. agent Nate Nash for her first mission, but after getting to know him she is unsure of which side she wants to be on, though the Russians would torture and killer her if she betrayed them. Nate believes she wants to join him but what they do threatens to the security of both their nations.

Director: Francis Lawrence

Actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker

Year: 2018

Length: 140 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong themes, Violence, Sexual violence, Sex scenes & Coarse language


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