Road House

Dalton is a troubled former UFC fighter who makes a living challenging fighters who wont go near him. He is approached about a job in the Florida Keys as head bouncer for a rowdy bar called the Road House, which he accepts. Upon arrival it is clear that something more than just drunk and aggressive patrons are the problem, as Dalton becomes the target of a wealthy businessman called Ben Brandt, who’s goons continually harass and trash the bar, his life becomes in danger. Fearful that his former self will surface with all the attacks and violence, Dalton considers leaving, however when a psychopath called Knox shows up, Dalton must stand up for the locals and bar workers and put an end to their schemes to take the Road House.

Director: Doug Liman

Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor McGregor, Billy Magnussen, Daniela Melchior, Jessica Williams, B.K. Cannon, Joaquim de Almeida

Year: 2024

Length: 121 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong violence & Coarse language


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