U.S. Air forceMajor Lloyd Gruver was a flying ace stationed in Korea when all of a sudden he is reassigned to Japan. With nothing to do in Japan Lloyd is staying with his fiance Eileen and her parents, Eileen’s father is Captain Bailey who was close friends with Lloyd’s father. Lloyd’s friend Joe Kellysoon falls in love with a Japanese woman named Katsumi, the air force is heavily against interracial relationships and is doing everything within their power to stop it happening. Lloyd soon meets and falls for the famous stage performer Hana-Ogi but they both realise the dangers and differences that come with their relationship within their working positions and Lloyd’s in-laws are beginning to worry about his choice.

Director: Joshua Logan

Actors: Marlon Brando, Miiko Taka, Red Buttons, Patricia Owens, Miyoshi Umeki, James Garner, Martha Scott

Year: 1957

Length: 147 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Adult themes


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