After winning a dinner for two at a Manhattan restaurant, Advertising salesman Philip Woode and young French-Canadian model Danielle Breton hit things off and then head back to Danielle’s apartment. After a strange run-in with Danielle’s ex Emil, Philip discovers Danielle has a twin sister and things quickly turn deadly. Grace Collier is a reporter who lives in the apartment complex who witnesses a murder through Danielle’s window, certain that Danielle murdered Philip, Grace calls the police to investigate, however Danielle and Emil have covered their tracks. Desperate to expose the truth, Grace will get more than she bargained for when digging into Danielle’s past and her mysterious twin Dominique.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt, William Finely, Charles Durning, Lisle Wilson, Barnard Hughes, Dolph Sweet

Year: 1972

Length: 92 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Medium level violence, Horror theme


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