Sound of Freedom

Based on the true story of Californian Special Agent Tim Ballard who puts away pedophiles for Homeland Security. In 2013 a poor father looses his two children, Rocio and Miguel, in Honduras when a former beauty queen signs them up for a modeling contract and they disappear after a mysterious photo-shoot. When Tim discovers a lead that brings Miguel to him, he is able to rescue the boy and discover that he can in fact not only put away child traffickers but also save children and bring them home. Tim makes a promise to Miguel and his father that he will find and bring home Rocio, then proceeds to set up his own sting operation and in doing so, rescues over 50 children. However Rocio is nowhere to be found, news arrives that she was sold to rebels in the Amazon jungle and now Tim must pose as a medical personnel to gain access to the rebel zone and free Rocio, at the prospect of loosing his own life if found out.

Director: Alejandro Monteverde

Actors: Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp, Eduardo Verastegui, Javier Godino, Jose Zuniga, Kurt Fuller, Gary Basaraba

Year: 2023

Length: 131 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Themes of child sexual abuse


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