Princess Vespa has just ran away from her arranged marriage to Prince Valium set up by her father King Roland of the planet Druidia. Soon after, Vespa is kidnapped by the evil Spaceballs and their ruler Lord Dark Helmet, King Roland offers a large amount of cash to space drifter Lone Starr to get his daughter back before anything happens to her. Lone Starr and his friend Barf take the job but they also owe money to Pizza the Hutt which makes them big targets as well. Meanwhile planet Spaceball’s President Skroob has a sinister plan to steal allthe abundant fresh air from Druidia to replenish his own world, and only Lone Starr and Barf along with Princess Vespa, Yogurt and Dot Matrix can stop him.

Director: Mel Brooks

Actors: Bill Pullman, John Candy, Daphne Zuniga, Mel Brooks, Rick Moranis, Joan Rivers, Dick Van Patten

Year: 1987

Length:96 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Low level coarse language, Sexual references


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