In the seemingly perfect 1950’s American dream style town of Suburbicon lives Gardner and his paraplegic wife Rose, they have a young son Nicky and Rose’s sister Margaret lives with them also. One night two thieves break in and drug Gardner and his family, killing Rose in what seems like an accidental overdose of chloroform turns out to be something much more sinister. All the while a new African-American family has moved in next door and is being constantly harassed by everyone in the neighborhood, though Gardner barley notices as insurance man Bud Cooper arrives to check the situation on Rose’s death claim and weather there was anything unsavory going on. Nicky puts the puzzle together and soon realizes the truth about his family.

Director: George Clooney

Actors:Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Noah Jupe, Oscar Isaac, Glenn Fleshler, Alex Hassell, Megan Ferguson

Year: 2017

Length:105 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong themes & Violence


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