Above the wild streets of Treasure Town live two homeless boys, Black and White. The boys traverse this crazy urban city as though they rule over it, known as the cats, Black and White have special abilities that make them dangerous to anyone looking to cross them. A number of groups of Yakuza and assassins soon move in on Treasure Town looking to turn it upside down and create a new city, Black and White are now made targets as they stand in the way of progress. When the boys are separated they both loose their will and strength as they keep one another in balance so how will they stand up against the coming attacks without each other and protect their beloved city.

Director:Michael Arias

Actors:Scott Menville, Kamali Minter, Rick Gomez, Tom Kenny, David Lodge, Maurice LaMarche, John DiMaggio

Year: 2006

Length:111 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Moderate animated violence, Moderate themes


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