The Fourth Man

Alcoholic bisexual novelist, Gerard Reve has been invited to give a lecture in Vlissingen where he meets the mysterious and beautiful Christine who offers for him to stay at her place. Christine works in a salon joined to her house where Gerard plans on beginning writing his next novel, though he is plagued by visions of impending danger that leads him to question Christine’s motives. Considering her past husband died and Gerard discovers that she has been married three times and all the partners died in accidents, he tries to get to the bottom of the reasons why. When Christine’s boyfriend Herman arrives, Gerard who is infatuated with him soon discovers that the fourth man could either be Herman or himself.

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Actors: Jeroen Krabbe, Renee Soutendijk, Thom Hoffman, Dolf de Vries, Geert de Jong, Hans Veerman, Hero Muller

Year: 1983

Length: 102 Minutes

Classification: R18+ Violence & Sex scenes


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