The Graduate

After recently graduating from years at college, Benjamin Braddock is a disillusioned and worried young man about what he will do with his future. After his parents throw him a homecoming party Benjamin is forced to drive his parents friend Mrs Robinson home, soon after she tries to seduce Benjamin into a secret affair with her behind everyone’s back. At first Benjamin wants nothing to do with her but eventually he meets Mrs Robinson in a hotel and it becomes their meeting place. After the affair ends, the Robinson’s daughter Elaine returns home and Benjamin falls in love with her, but Mrs Robinson comes back to haunt him and says if he sees Elaine she will tell her everything, so what will Benjamin do

Director: Mike Nichols

Actors: Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, Katharine Ross, William Daniels, Murray Hamilton, Elizabeth Wilson

Year: 1967

Length:105 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Mature themes


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